A winery among the Tuscan hills

Villa Sant'Anna is one of the oldest winemaking realities of the hills surrounding Montepulciano

A family tradition

Making elegant wines has been for almost two centuries a family tradition that is still carried on with passion and dedication by the Fabroni family.
The estate dates back to the 1800s, but its rebirth is linked to the driving force of an all-female team involved in the production and enhancement of prestigious wines that have made Villa S. Anna an important reference point of winemaking in Montepulciano.
Simona Fabroni has kept alive the family history of the Tuscan wine-making tradition with a commitment to produce high quality wines that respect the terroir. Simona has been managing this with a great deal of enthusiasm and diligence from her daughters Anna and Margherita.
Thus, a team of women was brought into being who with love and competence are constantly dedicated to perfecting their wines, planting new vineyards, promptly renewing barrels and barriques, reserving the utmost diligence in the care of the centuries-old underground cellars of the property where all the wines are aged and refined at natural temperature.

Vino Nobile
di Montepulciano

Our goal is to make wines that are an interpretation of tradition, innovation and that magical mix of grape varieties, climate, territory and culture that characterizes the terroir where the wine is born.

The whole family is committed to giving continuity to the pursuit of excellence that well represents our brand.

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