Vin Santo

Vineyard: Altitude: 300 mt. Above sea level – Exposure: South.
Grapes: Malvasia 50%, Pulceinculo (Grechetto) 40%, Trebbiano 10%.
Harvest: September 7th 2007.
Refining: The best grapes of the vineyard are carefully selected and then naturally dried on reeds mats in a ventilated environment, they are then pressed when reachingthe right degree of sugar, (normally at the end of March the following year). This must flower is added and then it is sealed, with wax, into small “caratelli” that have a maximum capacity of 65 litres, on contact with the “mother” it undergoes a slow fermentation and refinement, which at the Villa S. Anna is prolonged for a least eight years.
Food matching: A wine of meditation, that goes well with mature cheeses and an excellent Tuscan cigar.
Total production: 600 bottles each year.


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